Top Agents In the Industry 2016

I am putting this small site online as a means for making it easier for the average US Citizen to find the type of property that is suitable for them, in terms of both physical suitability and price. These days it is hard to know who you can trust when it comes to buying, and for that reason I felt it would be a great idea to outline some of the better companies that are out there. I’m talking about companies who can genuinely help you rather than offer very little as they attempt to extract money from you.

For years I have been dealing in properties and I have found that as companies come and go in terms of their prosperity, there are 5 property firms who’s value and market share never seems to faulter. That’s why, whilst being a directory of sorts, will for the foreseeable future only contain information about 5 different organizations. The 5 best.

Why overcomplicate things by offering you a huge list of different companies, which would simply overwhelm you? I feel that it’s far better to hone in on the best companies in the industry, and update my list on an annual basis. This gives you practical recommendations that you can use to aid your own endeavours in this industry.

I sincerely hope that you find this list to be helpful, and that my writing style isn’t too painful to read through either!

Best wishes,
Chuck Richardson

Agent No.1 – RE/MAX

As you may or may not be aware, Re/Max is an abbreviation for Real Estate Maximums. They were established back in 1973, and in their 4 decades of being in business, they have multiplied and expanded at an incredible rate. I guess you could say that their numbers are misleading in a way, because many of the agents who have decided to carry the Re/Max brand are part of a franchise rather than being a direct part of the original Re/Max company. They’re undeniably a global brand, having a powerful market presence in more than 85 soverign states around the world, and being among the most well known names in this business, they get almost 50 million views on their website each and every year.


Re/Max are believed to be among the companies with the highest productivity rates in the industry, and in a survey conducted by Real Trends 500, who are a trusted and respected leader on all things property, Re/Max dominated the top 20 places, and indeed but to a slightly lesser extent, the top 50 places as well.

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Agent No.2 – Keller Williams

If I were to create this list on the basis of the agency which has the highest agent count in the U.S. comes first, then I would have to admit that Keller Williams would be numero uno. They have roughly 80,000 sales people carrying their name, which is certainly an impressive number, because you don’t reach that number by offering poor value. They are no doubt a huge force in this industry, with over 90% of their U.S. offices making a profit.


Heading into the future, Keller Williams understand that they are already the owners of a huge market share in the U.S. and they intend to continue to grow overseas presences, having already opened their doors in countries like South Africa, and also in parts of South-East Asia. As for future plans, Europe is the number 1 priority it seems.

In the fairly recent past, J.D. Power chose Keller Williams as the winner of the “Highest in the Satisfaction of CUstomers” award in terms of home purchasers and sellers. Additionally, the company claimed 9th place in the 150 Top Places to Work. They were the only national company of their type to make it onto this list.

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Agent No. 3 – Coldwell Banker

Established in California well over 100 years ago (in 1906 to be precise), Coldwell Banker has developed a reputation for delivering consistently strong services to their customers. This agency has a global presence of over 80 thousand workers, and these people are based in over 3 thousand office setups in dozens of nations. It is said that the root of Coldwell Banker’s success originates with it’s agent training, so naturally for anyone looking to get into this kind of business, Coldwell banker would be a great place to make a start. In the yearly Training Top 125 survey, Training magazine placed Coldwell Banker 3rd alongside several other firms. Also, this organization was declared a top ten firm involved in boosting employee learning development in Chief Learning Officer Magazine’s LearningElite poll back in 2013. Because of all this, I place Coldwell Banker 3rd on my list.


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Agent No. 4 – Sotheby’s International


Sotheby’s International was founded in 1976, although the original property from which auctions were hosted, was established in 1974. In other words it took them two years to become a proper established company after their initial activities in this industry started off. In 2004 Sotheby’s partnered with Reology, and from this they were able to offer a chance to franchise with them, to certain brokerages who they felt were a good fit. The company has spent years growing its presence in the USA and having achieved a lot of what they intended to in the States, they decided to start business in Europe and Australasia in 2006, back in the good old days when times were good. Sotheby’s International is widely respected and trusted more than most, as shown by it’s customer base of well-to-do folk. A big portion of the sales that go through Sotheby’s have a valuation in the dozens of millions right up to hundreds of millions bracket. Year after year they continue to achieve Best in Category in Business Franchise Review’s awards for Franchisee Satisfaction. Back in 2011, Sotheby’s had a total of around 600 offices in which a total of almost 12000 agents were based, across 45 nations.

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Agent No. 5 – Camden Property Trust

This smart group of people specialize in owning, purchasing, improving, maintaining and selling residential apartment communities. They have turned themselves into a front runner among the biggest firms of their kind which are publicly traded. In the USA, that is. They own and run about 200 properties containing a total of over 60 thousand apartments in the USA alone.


Camden is to this day very determined to keep a range of high standard apartment structures. Also, they always try to make sure their workers feel that they are involved in a practical and motivating environment. Their workers enjoy benefits such as cheaper than usual rental prices, and a great 401(k) match of 50% of as much as 7% allocation. Their most recent publicity was from Fortune Magazine who listed Camden Property Trust as a top 100 firm to be an employee of.

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